• To accumulate the relevant literatures, research papers, articles, journals, books, artifacts, historical documents, etc. researched and published till date and establish a resource center for research and study
  • To publish academic journals based on academic research, articles and critics addressing the issues of the Magar community
  • To endure and actively involve the college and university graduates to run the short term courses like study and research on Magar people
  • To organize a series of seminars, workshops, lectures and conferences to discuss and interact on different issues of Magar community
  • To publish and disseminate the research papers and articles on the topics of Magar language, religion, culture, history, identity and social movement
  • To preserve the cultural heritage of Magar community associated with social and political organization
  • To empower the participation of Magar community in the academia with a special focus on the issues of indigenous people and general social issues

event news

  • मगर जाति :एतिहासिक, सास्कृतिक र राजनीतिक सन्दर्भ 
    लोकार्पण कार्यक्रम
    २७ वैशाख २०७१ यल माया केन्द्र, पाटन ढोका, ललितपुर 
    विश्व मगर संघ बेल्जियम,  मगर प्राज्ञिक समुह  नेपाल   



  • Call for Research Papers

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