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Magar Academic Group (MAG) is an institution of Magar indigenous people of Nepal. It is initiated by a team of dedicated and energetic young researchers having a sole spirit and committed to fulfill the contemporary social academic needs of Magar scholars, researchers and the community.
MAG was established in 2011 AD and is currently located at Kathmandu. It is registered as Non Govermental Organization (NGO) in Kathmandu District Administration Office and is also allied with Social Welfare Council, Nepal.
MAG is a mutual academy to raise, share and discuss on Magar relevant issues.


MAG strives to establish a dedicated and innovative academic institution to provide quality literature resources regarding Magar community.


MAG is committed to empower Magar community via knowledge and proficiency. It aims at providing a forum to discover, raise and disseminate Magar relevant issues.

event news

  • मगर जाति :एतिहासिक, सास्कृतिक र राजनीतिक सन्दर्भ 
    लोकार्पण कार्यक्रम
    २७ वैशाख २०७१ यल माया केन्द्र, पाटन ढोका, ललितपुर 
    विश्व मगर संघ बेल्जियम,  मगर प्राज्ञिक समुह  नेपाल   



  • Call for Research Papers

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Magar Academic Group (MAG)
Kathmandu, Nepal
E-mail: magaracademicgroup@gmail.com,
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